Our industry leading products are built on extensive research, countless hours of field application observation and many iterations of end user feedback.

Driven by a continued commitment to actively improve our offerings, and a passion for the very latest techniques and technologies, we have developed intuitive, feature rich, artificial intelligence enabled products that deliver the very best user experience through unrivalled configurability and customisation - you can use them your way!

The feedback from the global markets we access has told us time and time again that we are onto something special, and have products that doesn't just look amazing in a demonstration, but are incredibly practical and applicable across an ever growing number of organisations, specialties and usage situations.

All of our products are backed by top of the line implementation and support services and are governed by a flexible commercial model whereby licensing packages and pricing can be tailored to meet the needs of both our key distribution partners and more importantly, the end users. 

Extential Reporting

Extential Reporting is a highly intuitive, AI enabled, interoperable and customisable web-based clinical reporting platform - increasing productivity with its comprehensive list of modern and intelligent tools and features.

Built upon the very latest technologies and capable of being delivered via zero footprint infrastructure, Extential Reporting is designed to sit alongside and integrate seamlessly with any Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) or any other suitable system that can be utilised for any clinical specialty including Cardiology, Radiology and Pathology.

As an actively developed, best of breed reporting platform, Extential Reporting increases not only the efficiency of report creation through less manual data entry and fewer clicks, it also greatly improves the accuracy and quality of the data being captured - leading to improved clinical outcomes and patient care.

Extential Reporting is a mature, proven solution, currently in use in hospitals across six Australian states and territories with imminent expansion into multiple other countries. 

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Extential Analytics

Extential Analytics is an advanced data integration, transformation and visualisation platform, designed to allow users and organisations the ability to intuitively and effectively gain value and make decisions based on their data in real time.

As a modern, web-based application that leverages the latest technologies, Extential Analytics is a data source and device agnostic platform that can provide important data insights for organisations including administrative KPI tracking, clinical research, accurate billing, management dashboards, resourcing performance and needs, and many more.

Extential Solutions has an extensive background in utilising technology to enable and empower clinical research across Australia. We have leveraged this to design and build a research and business intelligence solution that the can put otherwise complex and disparate data, simply and automatically into hands of end users, enabling them to gain insights into their business and given them the ability to drive improved outcomes.

Extential Analytics is currently in use across three states and territories in Australia with further expansion in progress.

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