At Extential Solutions we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services available - just look at our testimonials or ask any of our partners and they will gladly tell you. We genuinely care about what we do and who we do it for, holding ourselves accountable to the highest possible standards, to give you complete piece of mind. 

We offer a wide range of capabilities that our partners can pick and choose from, based on their exact needs or in many cases just a loose grand vision of what they are trying to achieve. Above all we are flexible with what and how we provide our services and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you in realising your outcomes. We believe we can be the starting point from which your success grows. 


Data Migration

We are market leaders in complex large scale clinical data migration due to our first class engagement model and streamlined processes and tool kits.

We will work closely with you to navigate the many pitfalls and challenges of migrating large and complicated data sets, to achieve the outcomes you are after, simply and confidently.

Design and Development

Our passion for technology, combined with experience in the design and implementation of complex systems throughout countless industries, makes software development with us an enjoyable, easy and effective process.

We will help you take anything from a thought bubble to a fully formed product specification and ensure that you realise your vision in the form of a modern, elegantly architected software solution.

Integration and Testing

We understand the importance of interoperability and validation at Extential, and have a team of experts who have experience working with a whole variety of technologies, data types and formats, tools and processes.

Whether we are validating an application or ensuring multiple systems are connected seamlessly, we will use our knowledge and expertise to plan out and deliver you the very best outcomes.

Support and Maintenance

Extential's laser focus on people, outcomes and mutual success, naturally translates to the provision of best of breed support and maintenance services for our partners and their end users.

While we may not always know the answer right away, we certainly know where to find it and you can guarantee we will work hard to solve your problems as if they were our own.

Project Management

We have been managing projects for a long time and can ensure that you will achieve timely delivery of your intended outcomes and objectives.

We can work with you on all areas of the PM lifecycle, from scope through to stakeholder management, and importantly our processes are easily tailorable to suit both small and large projects.

Analysis and Documentation

At Extential we believe that comprehensive analysis and documentation is a key part of success and overlooking it is a major cause of failure in complex projects.

Let us do the hard yards for you, getting to the bottom of the complexity and ensuring that everything is captured along the way.