We are a new breed of people focused business, providing our partners with outstanding outcomes, not just solutions. 

We don’t believe in work-life balance, we believe in work-life integration.

Our People

We boast an unbeatable company culture, underpinned by relationships of the very highest calibre. This is evident in a zero-attrition rate of our people since we commenced our operations in 2018.

At Extential, people are at the heart of everything we do and you can bet that if we say we'll do it, then we'll do it. As a team we respect each other's experience and ideas and know that we all share a common goal and vision.

And most importantly, we are a family – supporting each other, having fun and succeeding together is what bonds us. We don’t believe in work-life
balance, we believe in work-life integration. Accordingly we recognise that behind each person contributing to the success of Extential Solutions is an entire support system of family and friends who should also be celebrated. 

Our Partners

Our focus on people and relationships applies not just to our internal culture, but also our partners. Those who signed up with us when we opened our doors remain with us today and we subscribe the theory of quality over quantity, preferring to partner deeply with few than shallow with many.

We recognise that our partners are often a part of a supply chain providing consolidated solutions and valuable services to their partners, and we never shy away from going above and beyond in how we support them by actively engaging and collaborating directly with their network of businesses and end users.

With genuine outcome focus, it is our partners goals that drive us at Extential. We will always go the extra mile to get them the best outcome, not just the one they signed up for.

Making our partners problems and successes our problems and successes, means that by working together with us, they are afforded the complete peace of mind that only comes with the highest level of relationship and trust.

We don’t make relationships to do business, we do business with people we  have relationships with.

Meet the Management Team

Extential Solutions is managed at the highest level by our stellar Management Team. 


Tom Mok
Chief Executive Officer



Duncan Craig
Chief Financial Officer



Peter Vial
Products and Services Manager



Fabian Molina
Software Engineering Manager


The four members of the Management Team have a combined experience of over 80 years in technology and business across a vast array of industries and markets, and have spent the last 10 years working closely together in the clinical informatics space.

The Management Team's most important role is that of leadership, always supporting and serving the wider team, while embodying the values and unbeatable culture of Extential Solutions for the rest of the Extential Family to follow. Instead of an old fashioned hierarchical structure, they lead the business with a positive open door culture and believe this is the best way for our people to thrive, and for the business and our partners to succeed. 

Together, they set the strategic direction of Extential's offerings by carefully balancing a view to the future of technology with a deep understanding of the international markets in which we operate in. The team is entrusted with ensuring that our products and services become and remain market leaders into the future, and accordingly focus on not just applicability today but on agility and flexibility for tomorrow.

Not only are our Products and Services highly configurable, interoperable and upgradable - but so are our people.